Village classified GRAND CRU in the heart of the Côte des Noirs, located on the southern slope of the Montagne de Reims which ensures an excellent exposure to sunlight. The vineyard of Bouzy is renowned for the quality of its soil and the specificity of its climate which guarantees exceptional conditions for the development of grapes.

In Champagne region, 17 villages have a traditional entitlement to Grand Cru ranking – 100% of quality. Bouzy is one of them. The Bouzy vineyard covers 380 ha mainly planted with Pinot Noir. About 10% of this area is reserved for the Bouzy Rouge.

The northernmost red wine in France marketed under the name COTEAUX CHAMPENOIS. The only grape used is the Pinot Noir. This confidential wine is made only in the best years. Served at the coronation banquets of the Kings of France in Reims, appreciated at the table of Louis XIV, listed on the Cellar Inventory Book of Louis XVI, this outstanding wine is still highly acclaimed today.

The Pinot Noir of the oldest parcels of vines of the House is reserved for the production of the Bouzy Rouge. The grapes are picked at the end of the harvest, to give us the power of the fruit needed to make this rare red wine. The grapes are sorted by hand on the sorting table. Only the ripest and the healthiest ones go to a crusher – a machine that squeezes the berries and breaks their skin directs them into the fermentation tank. Once fermentation is complete, the wine goes into oak barrels where it spends approximately 9 before distribution. The ruby-coloured Bouzy Rouge – pure expression of the Pinot Noir – expresses aromas of red fruit and particularly of cherry. It can be appreciated in its youth with its explosive bouquet or after a few years thanks to its ability to ageing. This red wine is also used in the elaboration of the blended rosé champagne – the only French rosé wine obtained in this way.