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Since 1885, the Champagne House Alain Vesselle has combined Tradition and Modernity in the making of its champagnes and its red wine, the Bouzy Rouge.

Share our Passion by learning the History of Alain Vesselle champagnes and ancient craft secrets.

Taste Alain Vesselle wines from our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape harvests…

For several generations, the Maison Alain Vesselle has been producing champagnes remarkable for their finesse, elegance and intensity.
Each cuvee is a true creation, a constant quest for perfection. The continuity of the style is ensured by our reserve wines.
We maintain the highest standards of quality. This is also why we age our champagnes for a long time.
This long ageing time in the darkness of the cellars gives delicate aromas and very fine bubbles to our champagnes.
Our wines are very lightly dosed in sugar to present our exceptional terroir without artifice.